Animal Health – Intubation Stylet


The Truer Medical disposable Animal Health Intubation Stylet is the most adaptable, cost-effective stylet available on the market. Each stylet contains malleable wire encased in a specially designed PVC sheath which allows the Truer Medical Stylet to be used in a wide range of Endotracheal Tube (ETT) sizes while still maintaining the shape you require. With just two stylet sizes in your inventory, all ETT sizes are covered, simplifying inventory control and ordering.
A uni-directional end cap doesn’t permit the stylet to advance forward during the intubation process, significantly lowering the risk of unnecessary trauma to the patient. Simply install the stylet into the ETT and engage the uni-directional end cap onto the 15mm ETT connector. Draw the frosted PVC coated wire back to the desired location, shape the ETT, and you are ready to intubate. This assures a procedure that is fast, efficient, and—most importantly—safe.

  • PVC frosted-finish sheath reduces friction between stylet and Endotracheal Tube
  • Special ventilated end cap
  • Two sizes cover all ETT tube sizes
  • Safety end cap prevents stylet from advancing during intubation
  • Reduced diameter facilitates post-intubation removal
  • Single patient use
  • Cost-effective