RPiS – Rapid Positioning intubation Stylet



The RPiS is a new essential tool for difficult airways. Created by Dr. Richard Shockley (founder of Airway Management Enterprise, LLC) for those times when “I can see it, but I can’t get it there.” The RPiS is a hand controlled intubating stylet with a tip that can both FLEX and RETROFLEX to intubate airways with both video and direct Laryngoscopy. The RPiS provides the same power of combining a fiberoptic bronchoscope with videolaryngoscopy to improve success when intubating difficult airways. Accommodates endotracheal tubes with internal diameters between 6.0-9.0 mm. Designed for
  • Difficult Intubations
  • Indirect Video Laryngoscope Intubations
Poor laryngeal exposure occurs in up to 8.5% of adult laryngoscope procedures and difficult tracheal intubation accounts for up to 17% of respiratory related injuries.
  • Special Malleable Tip created to flex and retroflex
  • Sterilized
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